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Your employees in your uniform, the way you want it.
Avoid retail, and let us help you allocate and manage your uniform program.


  • The Epic Uniform program solves budget questions, makes your spend predictable, and lets you control the image your brand puts out to its customers.
  • Employees no longer have to pay retail for random FR gear and will look like a team in your branded FR uniforms. Everyone saves; everyone benefits.
  • Inventory Program: Company commits its budget up front to control inventory and manage your spend.
  • Epic provides a company portal for employees to access and get their garments.


  • Budget commitment is up-front: By committing to a budget, you can manage how spend is allocated.
  • Budget covers inventory and is allocated up-front, with no further cash outlays.
  • You choose the branding for your garments: logo placement, patch placement, etc. Present yourself as professionals in the field.
  • No need to estimate annual allocations and new employees will be given a “new-hire” package with their uniform.
  • Portal feedback allows you to track spend and which employees are buying which products.


  • Employees aren’t paying retail for random FR. They’ll get a contractual price for their portion of the equipment cost.
  • Employees aren’t left to wonder and research what is acceptable and what they should buy.
  • Orders are delivered right to their door, eliminating the need to drive to an FR retail outlet and overpay.


  • All products shipped direct.
  • Your company saves significantly over retail with annual inventory commitment.
  • Your company controls which employees get access to specific products, patches. etc. throughout the portal.
  • Employees save significantly over retail, never order “the wrong thing”, and don’t waste time driving around to find their garments.


  • Your per-employee budget commitment determines employee spend.
  • Discounts are directly related to budget commitments per employee.
  • Epic works directly with you to tailor the right solution based on your needs and budget.

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